Jessilove | Subsidizing Alternative Medicine

General Questions

Jessilove is a non-profit, inspired and founded by Jessica Proctor. An advocate for alternative pain management using medical cannabis, the inspiration for the brand and community was sparked from a need. This need was to inform, make an impact, and never stop giving back. If you’ve made it here, we’re honored that you, too, might want to make your mark on the growing medical cannabis and CBD communities.

Together, we subsidize medical cannabis for veterans, hospice patients, and those with chronic medical conditions that can’t afford their medicine. With generous contributions from cannabis companies, producers, and even individuals across the nation, we can help so many more people gain access to an answer for their pain.

The purpose of the Compassionate Use Fund is to provide access to medical cannabis for individuals enrolled in the Maryland Medical Assistance Program or in the Veterans Administration Maryland Health Care System. Many Marylanders are still waiting for those funds to be allocated and we provide a solution. We are following the same eligibility criteria, however, if you feel that you or your loved one may not meet the current requirements and is in need of financial support, we review the eligibility for Jessilove subsidies on a case by case basis. 

You can donate individually or on behalf of your company through our donation page! We’re privileged to receive any and all donations, and we’re so honored to be able to keep helping those in need with our efforts.

Other Questions

Charitable donations are tax deductible. This means whether you’re an individual or a company, you can lower your taxable income with donations. For the cannabis companies that already anticipate hefty taxes due simply to their industry, the option to donate can be a shining solution.

We know that Cannabis growers, processors, dispensaries and ancillary products and service providers want to support and give back to the community. However, their support is often rejected by non-profits due to their reliance on federal funding. What makes us unique is that Jessilove is the first non-profit organization subsidizing medical cannabis and advocating for alternative medicine, which allows us to accept donation from the Medical Cannabis industry.