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Healthcare Disparities Experienced by Racial/Ethnic Minority Populations

Goal: Is to help 200 Minority low-income patients support. Minority disparities of those accessing the MMCC program are vast. Latinos and African Americans have low participation…

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healthcare disparities

Western Maryland Opioid Crisis

Goal: Western Maryland will be our initial focus. As funding increases we will branch out to other Maryland Communities in Crisis. According to the Maryland Department…

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opioid addicts

Treatment for Epilepsy

Jessilove is committed to supporting children with epilepsy and their families with the costs of Medical Cannabis. The use of Medical Cannabis in treating epilepsy…

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Help for Our Veterans

Jessilove is committed to supporting Veterans. Our team includes Mental Health professionals who specialize in Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome, which is estimated to affect approximately 20%…

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Treatment for Cancer Patients

Supporting Cancer patients throughout their treatment is a primary mission of Jessilove. Supporting Cancer patients throughout their treatment is a primary mission of Jessilove. The…

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Hospice & Palliative Care

Goal: Is to add 250 new MMCC patients every 6 months and supporting Hospice patients already enrolled. The Maryland Medical Cannabis Commissions Patient Statistics dated…

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