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How can CBD help with gout pain management?

gout pain management

Cannabis is no stranger to helping people with pain management. As far back as 2900 BCE, we have records of Chinese civilizations utilizing cannabis for medicinal purposes, including joint pain. Since gout is a form of arthritis that focuses on joint pain and inflammation, it may be possible that cannabis or a derivative of cannabis may help ease that inflammatory pain.

The derivative of cannabis we’re focused on is CBD oil, which can also contain other hemp compounds like minor cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. In a clinical trial published online in 2015, researchers determined that transdermal cannabidiol reduced pain-related behaviors and inflammation in rat models. While this isn’t exact data for the same effects on human models. It does give us an inside look at the potential CBD oil has to relieve a variety of arthritic symptoms.

This trial also brought about the point that current arthritis treatments often have adverse or negative side effects. CBD appears to have no side effects, attenuating inflammation, and pain with no adverse reaction.

To tack on further studies, we look at a comprehensive clinical review, this time published online in 2018. The review explores preclinical and advanced clinical trials. The most recent developments looks at the cannabinoid delivery field and focus critically on inflammation and pain treatment.

The review saw that there is heavy potential for CBD to aid in both pain relief. It also provides relief from inflammatory conditions, including gout and other forms of arthritis. While future direction and reporting should be considered, we’re excited at the stacking evidence. Thus far that shows so much promise in CBD’s corner.

How often should I take CBD for gout symptoms?

Everyone is different, so the amount of CBD you’ll want to take varies from person to person. However, consistency is key when it comes to cannabidiol. You should start out at a minimum of one half-serving of CBD per day. If you’re new to CBD and one full serving of CBD per day if you’re familiar.

For CBD oil, you can apply it directly under your tongue, let it absorb for up to 90 seconds, and then swallow the rest. This may help ease discomfort and manage symptoms over time. Just remember, it will take a certain period before you notice real results from CBD. The way you feel the first time you take CBD is typically a far mood away from how you’ll feel after 4 weeks of consistent use.

Incorporating CBD into your daily routine is one of the best ways we can recommend helping ease or tackle more than one symptom caused by gout.

Wrapping Up

CBD may have the potential to ease symptoms of gout, including pain from a gout attack. It could relieve discomfort while reducing inflammation. This, in turn, could ease a lot of other symptoms along with it. We recommend trying CBD oil for yourself to determine if it’s what you’ve been looking for when it comes to that long sought after relief.