Healthcare Disparities Experienced by Racial/Ethnic Minority Populations

healthcare disparities
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Minority disparities of those accessing the MMCC program are vast. Latinos and African Americans have low participation which is likely tied to mistrust in government systems, fear of information being shared with employers, and the shortage of Spanish speaking Medical Providers advocating the use of Medical Cannabis. In the Hispanic population, it is particularly curious due to their perceived preference for using homeopathic remedies over pharmaceuticals. Jessilove has a team of Minority business owners and Political advocates working to bring education and funding directly to minority communities. Both our Medical Director and several of our team members are Spanish speaking to assist with the Latino population.

Goal: Is to help 200 Minority low-income patients support


minority disparities

If you or your organization has a shared interest in health issues in minority communities, your donations can go specifically to educate, and support minorities access the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission program and assist with the cost of medications.