Treatment for Epilepsy

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The use of Medical Cannabis in treating epilepsy and other seizure disorders has gotten a lot of media
attention in recent years. In 2018 the FDA approved a CBD based medication called Epidiolex. The New
England Journal of Medicine released a study that showed the addition of CBD to traditional seizure
medication decreased the frequency of drop seizures significantly in children. While this is a promising
development, there have been side effects from the preservatives used in the pill form CBD and many
parents choose to treat with CBD oil. The use of CBD for many medical issues has become extremely
popular, but with no current regulations, it is difficult for consumers to have confidence in the quality
and safety of these products. Jessilove is committed to supporting children with epilepsy and their
families with the costs of Medical Cannabis. Only CBD sold in Medical Cannabis Dispensaries have
required testing for heavy metals and pesticides. Therefore, Jessilove sources its products exclusively
from Medical Cannabis Dispensaries.